Wouldn’t it be great if all of your favorite people lived on the same street? Unfortunately jobs, school, and relationships force us and our loved ones to move across town, over state lines, and to the other side of the country. We know because it happened to us. We are five friends from the same small town in Iowa who graduated from college and promptly moved to five different states. Our solution for staying connected? The Traveling Journal.

    Over nearly a decade our traveling journal has developed into a priceless illustration of our friendship. We’ve all had friends, co-workers and classmates that we lost touch with over the years. The Traveling Journal can be the bridge keeping you connected across the miles, strengthening long distance relationships of all kinds. The written word carries a power to connect friends in a way that quickly typed emails and brief Facebook comments never will. Fill the pages of your handmade journal with your friendship story.

    We designed The Traveling Journal to fit into a small flat rate box and still hold plenty of photos. In our store you’ll also find pens so each participant can be assigned with their own color of ink, and hand-knitted cases to give your traveling journal extra protection. While you’re here at TheTravelingJournal.com take a minute to learn how this idea works, discover more about our friendship story, and get started connecting with your friends. It’s the perfect gift for high school graduates, college graduates, or any person with whom you’d like to strengthen your connection. Your traveling journal may be blank now, but trust us, over the next few months and years it will become priceless to everyone who writes in it.